Create customise photo postcards on the go. It's great for when you are traveling and you want to keep your friends and loved ones in the loop.
UI, UX, ios, Concept

Design Brief

‍I designed this concept with a couple of stakeholders who wanted to pitch the idea to potential investors.

My design process involved scoping out the requirements and prioritizing them to create the roadmap for the MVP. In the next step, I worked closely with the stakeholders and came up with a site map of the solution to discuss at a high level. Wireframes and prototypes using the Marvel app were produced to communicate the features in more details.

Create layout for front side of the post card.
Welcome and browse products and my orders.
Create layout for back side of the post card.
Self capture flow.

The initial visual branding was also done by myself—as this was just the ideation phase, the client wasn't too picky and would introduce a marketing agency, later on, to help with the branding.

The concept behind this design was to create a simple mobile experience where the user can point, shoot, and produce customise postcards without having to worry about sizing, cropping, and printing problems

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