What am I up to right now?

🛠️ Re-Building my website
✍️ Article writing, blogging again.
Last updated - 7 June 2021

🛠️  Re-Building my website

For the past two years, I've been using a Dribbble Prosite as my website CMS. Why I chose this website structure:

Dribbble Prosite - Pros

  • One source of truth, I post regularly on Dribbble, having same backend database to manage my projects made sense
  • Simple out of the box layout.
  • It's cheap $36 a year! only $3 a month for hosting.

Dribbble Prosite - Cons

  • Limited to 5 attachments per project
  • Limited content space
  • No way to provide a full case study without linking through to an external document (Google Side / Dropbox PDF)
  • My case studies are mixed with simpler solo work-in-progress shots.
  • No way to categorise projects

Rebuild using Webflow

My design goals

  • Integrate Designstarters (merge agency with personal brand)
  • Showcase and differential featured projects with lower profile projects.
  • Showcase articles/blogs
  • What am I working on now page!
  • About me (bit more history)
  • Process (bit about who I work)
  • Client / Work enquiry form

Somethings will probably get dropped for MVP, but it's a hell lot of fun to experiment with the interactions 2.0v features.

✍️  Article writing, blogging again.

Getting back to article blogging has not been easy for me, as any spare time I’ve had, has been dedicated to working on this new website.

I’ve been brainstorming an article on why and how to transition into designing for digital from architecture. I have been asked by other members of the architecture community about my career shift.

Seven years down the track, what impact has that decision have on my career and lifestyle?

Perhaps, even outline how someone with a similar background can go about in doing the same.

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