One Digital Club

One Digital Club is an exciting, new, up-and-coming eCommerce web responsive rewards program based in the UK.
UX, UX, web, Branding


My goal on this project was to help One Digital Club address the design and UX issues that were existing on their current web platform. I was the freelance designer on this project and worked closely with the stakeholders and web developer.

In terms of my design process, I started with an initial design audit where I pinpointed experience flow issues and pitfalls. I then continued on to refresh the UI with a fresh and re-energized new look and feel before they re-launch the platform.

The concept of the design was to simplify the user experience and explain to customers on how the platform works in simple steps. Since One Digital Club relies on users to link out to eCommerce stores externally, I wanted that user journey to be as seamless as possible.

One of the goal was to be upfront is to explain how One Digital Club works to customers.
Vendor detail and link through to vendor's site.
Homepage: Exchange, Redeem, Shop Online and collect
Basic branding guidelines for development.
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