Hiring and Jobseeking mobile platform
UX, UI, Web, IOS, Android

Background & Brief

Mploy is an app that matches employers in the food and beverage industries with job seekers. The profile of job seekers for this industry was temp or part-timers with a high turnover rate, thus leading to employers having to advertise positions frequently. Mploy is a cheaper alternative to traditional job sites that often charge a high fee per listing for industries with a lower turnover rate.

I ran a series of phone workshops with the clients, to understand their goals and the scope of the project.

From there, I started site mapping the user journey for both the job seeker and employer application. This gave the clients a high-level understanding as to the number of screens and complexity of some of the flows without having to dive too deeply into the design. We let the user experience dictate the design.

Apps are now live in the Appstore and Google Playstore! Check out

Swipe & browse jobseekers
Personalise your profile
Messaging and Communication.
Swipe and browse jobs.
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